8th Air Force Support Command

July 16, 1943: 8th Air Force Support Command will send the 670th to the airfield at Beaumont Le Roger. (Historical Note: The first B-26 mission after the two low-level missions to Ijmunden in May was on July 16.)

After Action Report

We were hit in the nose by a BIP after the bomb run. I had to leave the formation. A 190A-5 with an ace attacked from 9 low and walked hits over the wings and bomb bay. He left after only one attack.

Fuel ran out but I managed to fly across the Channel and we bailed out over England.

PRINCESS J (1 missions)

513th Squadron, 670th Bomb Group B-26C Crew Chief: SSgt Marcus King/+0

Pilot: 2Lt Jess Blomberg (1 missions)

Co-Pilot: 2Lt Luke Bauer (1 missions)

Bombardier/Navigator: 2Lt Johnathan Wilkinson (1 missions) – KIA



Radio Operator: Corp Cliff Calahan (1 missions)

Engineer: Corp Bennet Ashburn (1 missions)

Armorer: Corp Neil Reiss (1 missions)

Fighters: Only 190A-5s attacked. Two were driven off. A third attacked when we were out of formation over the target. He walked hits over the wings and in the bomb bay.

Flak: Medium, weak, fair then Strong inaccurate. Weak, inaccurate.

Bomb Run: Superior, 100%

External Damage: BIP, Nose; #1 Oil Cooling (Smoke).

Internal Damage: Hydraulic System, emergency brake out; Bomb release; #2 Supercharger.

Superficial Damage: Right wing; Bomb bay; Right Wing.

Mechanical Failure:

Signed, 2Lt Jess Blomberg



This crew will test the new TZ-4 & TZ-5 Tables on the bomb run.


If you would like to play this mission:

DATE: July 16, 1943 (Mission Map: July to October 1943)

Target & Target Area: Airfield, Beaumont Le Roger

Size: L

GAZ and base GAZ Mod
Zone 1 – E
Zone 2 – E-W/-2
Zone 3 – W-F/-1 ¤
Zone 4 – F/+1 ¤ & t
Zone 5 –

Target Terrain: F

Weather over Target: Very Good (Weather for me changed to Fair)
Weather over base at take off: Very Good
Weather over base when landing: Very Good

Altitude: 7000 ft

Initial Point: 4

Expected Flak: Medium. (Ingress flak for me was Weak, Fair. Egress: Strong, Accurate)
Flak radar: RADAR

Enemy Airforce Resistance: Heavy (MT-2 is +1)

Little Friends: Close Escort – Fair

Flight Position: Roll for Flight Position on MP-8
Group: Lead
Roll for BOX