Play-Test Version 5 is almost finished, and this feels like it will be the Final Version. There are still two issues that I am struggling with and would like to include somehow before I’d be satisfied with V.5:

1. Fuel Consumption.
2. Searching for an Emergency Airfield or Landing Ground (10.3.3). When I read this Section in the Flight Manual it is clear enough and seems to be easy to understand and play, but when I use that rule while I play it feels like the flow of the game is interrupted somehow. Are you satisfied with it, does it have to be changed?

Fuel Consumption:
I could add an appendix which will cover this topic in more detail where you will find an option to use fuel boxes to calculate how much fuel you use. That’s the way it is done in B-29 and I also tried it in an early version of B-26. I deleted that section for two reasons: a) I could not get it to work. b) I felt that the B-26 missions were too short for it to be used in the same way, it would only add another detailed element to this game which already seemed to be very “detailed and complex.”

Richard and Andy has tested this method from the old B-26 Play-Test set, and it seems to be working though.

I actually like this idea, but at the moment I cannot match the number of fuel boxes with the range of the B-26 models. There are either too few or too many, ie the range for a loaded B-26 will become too short or too long.

One box per Zone for an unloaded B-26 works (sort of, not taking into account take-off, assembly and climb), but with bombs on board and then crossing off an extra fuel box per zone does not work if you are on a 6-Zone Mission or longer. You won’t be able to reach your station when you return.