I can really recommend that you keep an eye on your fuel gauge. I had ½ box left after landing. I now cross off boxes after I have landed, not before as I have done on many missions before.

The lower turret was installed and I had wing tanks instead of the aft bomb bay. (I have no photographic of A-26 with wing tanks during WWII.)

My station is Maupertus and the target was Metz, in Zone 7. There are several emergency airfields to land at in France where you can refuel, but don’t let that be a guarantee, because if you are off course or lost, you may not be able to reach any base at all.

I went out with one flight/6 ships. All returned. The result was 65% fair, small target, Fortifications. Flak was +3, but vs the A-26 the intensity was mostly moderate, weak or none and the accuracy fair or inaccurate.

Is the A-26 invincible? You may be shot down if you’re hit, one hit can bring you down, but is the A-26 almost invincible?

These are the modifications I used vs flak
A-26: -1 (because it is the A-26 and faster and more agile than the B-26 and A-20.)
Water Injection: -1
Evasive Action: -1

I did not use these today (Intensity):
Out of Formation: -2 (because there are many A-26 over the target and the gunners have sevral to choose from and this mod is not applied if you have 6 or fewer ships.)
A-26 Slowed: NE with Water Injection

For Accuracy:
A-26: -1 (somewhat smaller and faster)
with Water Injection: -1
Evasive Action: -1

I was not hit on this mission.