Isn’t this typical?

First, I roll loose flight and loose box on formation flying, and also “22 – where are the little friends?” on random events. I had area cover so now, we had none. On MT-2 I rolled “12” and then “5” which saw two waves. An FW190 A-6 from 5 high was a KAZ and then an A-7 from 12 high was FBO by my gunners.

Over the target two more waves attacked. A Me109G-6 came in from a vertical climb. He hit, knocked out the radio. An A-6 was a KAZ from vertical dive. The engineer fired from the top turret, but missed.

Box 1 was on, superior. Box 2, my box, was on 250, but with a loose flight and loose box (-25%) we were only 65%, fair. I had been hit by flak and my #1 was trailing smoke due to damaged oil cooling. Flak fired again, moderate, inaccurate – two rolls: first a BIP! Of course… then the effect of the BIP… B-26 breaks in two. The armorer and the engineer got out safely, but landed in water. The armorer died, and my engineer is LAS.

This was Terrible Terri’s first mission.