I was worried that we wouldn’t RV today as formation assembly was delayed again. I think it was the third mission in a row now. Fortunately all Little Friends were where they were supposed to be. It was good close cover with forward support. And also (for the first time during my play-tests) it was only token enemy activity today. No enemy fighters were seen.

The weather was fair over the target at Beauvais/Tille. I was in Box 1, lead flight #6. Lead had some difficulties in finding the aim point (low roll) but with a long bomb run (IP 5) and a large target it was identified and the bombs dropped. Our formation was the best you could have over the target and we had superior results. (I rolled formation flying in each zone, but two if I remember correctly now.) Box 2 also had superior results which destroyed this airfield.

The flak situation was heavy, strong and accurate going in. #6 in the low flight was shot down. I was hit, of course. This time a BIP… again. (I rolled three times. The first was a BIP and the other two were misses.) Today, my crew chief had sent a lucky charm with us which I could use on this mission only, so today this BIP was negated.

I was lucky today.

This was Jolly Roger’s first mission.