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22nd Bomb Group – Marauders from Oz! (One idea I have with this Add-On is to cover the 22nd from April 1942 until the end of the war. First with B-26s, then with B-25s and finally with B-24s.)
Pathfinders and Night Missions

B-26s in the MTO (and the move to Dijon/Dole, France)
B-25 (When B-25 and B-26s in the MTO are finished, you be able to follow the 319th from North Afrcia to Okinawa.)

Much Later
B-26s in the Aleutians and SWPAC
RAF B-26s (14 Sqd and 39 Sqd and also SAAF Units)

…and also, what got B-26 off the ground:

P-61 Black Widow

Don’t forget….

He-111 (basically finished)
B-17/LB-30/B-24 in the PTO from Dec 1941
Hampden (finished, but need revisions and more play-tests)
Halifax (finished?)

…Now that Target for Today is released I may adjust those to that system instead.