Enemy Fighter Counters

On the Fighter Counters you will see an image of the fighter and data from Combat Table B (CT-B). On the top left corner you have the fighter type (SHORT). Beneath that, you find an image of a bullet hole and the number of hits on your bomber (Hits on B-26). You can also see if the fighter has a 30mm cannon, rear machine gun and rockets (Xx 30, Rear, R4M) and the damage modifier on your bomber from fighters with a rear machine gun (Rear MG/Damage). In the top right corner is a cross hairs with or without a value inside. The value is the to hit modifier you have when firing with Single MG/Twin MG (B-26 To Hit Ftr, Single MG/Twin MG). The top value is for the Single MG, the bottom is for Twin MG. If only the top value or no value is present it applies to both types of MG mounts. Inside the explosion is the Single MG/Twin MG Damage Modifier (B-26 Damage on Ftr, Single MG/Twin MG). Some fighters have additional information. For more information see CT-B in the Tables and Charts Booklet and rule section 7.2.0 Explanation of Combat Table B, Fighter Details.