This was an unsuccessful mission. The target was a no ball at Linghem. I improvised and sent Box 2 to a no ball at Clety. The weather was predicted to be poor in the target zone so I chose Cambrai/Niergnies airfield as a secondary. I bombed this about a month earlier, but with poor results.

When I arrived the weather was indeed poor. I was High Lead, Box 1. Lead Box 1 found the aim point and hit with good result. My B/N did not identify his aim point so he bombed through the clouds which covered the target (ie, new bomb run modifier on TZ-1). There were also heavy winds here which made the bombing even more difficult. (Bad weather from (MT-1e). His skill is -1 because he has less than 5 On Target Results. He was off target! Low, Box 1 did not identify the aim point and was off/no effect.

Box 2 did not identify the aim point at Clety and went to the secondary. Box 2 was On, but scored no more than a poor result.

I should have ordered both boxes to Cambrai when I knew the weather situation over the primary, especially since the weather over Niergnies was good!