I am Lead in Lead Flight, Box 1. The weather is fair over the target which is a No Ball at Cormette. My HQ Lead Bombardier does not identify the aim point on the first run.

I could have bombed using the new modifier, but I decided to go around instead. High Flight did not identify the aim point either, on TZ-5b, and will go around. Low flight bombed, hit the target and scored Excellent! I would not know this until after the mission when the strike photos are analyzed. An excellent result destroys this very small no ball target.

What do I do now?

Go around an bomb the target to smitherines? Since I would only know that the low flight has bombed, but not hit, and not how accuarate, I should go around and bomb, and so should the high flight. I have already rolled the result for the low flight and know that the target has been destroyed, which means that I could return to base.

I think that I’ll go back, cancel the result for the low flight, go around with the lead and high and check the result after the mission… or keep the low flight’s result and pretend that it is what rolled after the strike photos has been developed.