The Green Witch has completed 64 missions. Some of the crew men have only one more mission to complete a tour. (Actually, the tour of duty was 50 at this time of the war… I see that now in the rules.) The 65th mission is a short hop to Bethune, MY in Zone 2, on April 24, 1944. I have about ten Lucky Charms… will that be enough?


The Green Witch returned! There were no fighters seen and flak was weak, inaccurate going in and strong, inaccurate as we returned. Box 2 missed the target. I was deputy lead in Box 1 and we were on, Excellent, 95%. One ship was lost, High #5, hit by flak. I was hit by flak in the main and aft bomb bay. A lucky charm negated a destroyed bomb door mechanism which would have kept the bomb doors open after the bomb run. The hit in the aft bomb bay was superficial. Box Lead left the formation after a flak hit so I took over. High #4 also became a flak casualty.

The Green Witch will now be upgraded to a B-4, but without the package guns.


Two crew men, the B/N and the Armorer will fly missions with other crews to reach 65. The B/N has 5 more to go and Armorer has 3 more. The next mission is to Marquenneville, NB, Amiens, MY, is secondary. They are in ship #669, a B-26C.


The Co-Pilot will most likely become Pilot on The Green Witch when she returns. The Pilot may become a lead crew pilot or transfer to the 1st Pathfinder Squadron.