The mission today was on June 12, 1944, to Valogne, Railroad Junction. No fighters attacked on route to target. I was Box 2 Lead.

The High Flight in Box 1 hit and had fair results. Lead and low missed. On my first run I could not identify the aim point so I decided to go around. I had been hit by flak, right landing gear destroyed, and on this second run a fighter attacked from 10 high, an ace in a FW 190A-8. My top turret gunner missed and so did the fighter pilot. I was hit by flak! Pilot’s control column and Complete failure of the electrical system! With two lucky charms I negated these two results.

The weather was fair and for the second time the aim point was lost. I decided to bomb anyway, but was off target 0%. High and low flight were Off!

Only one flight out of six hit this small railroad junction and the group’s result was poor.

This mission was with new aim point check values on TZ-1 and TZ-5b deleted.