Insert Step 15:

A fighter with REAR MACHINE GUN at LEVEL, LOW or VERTICAL CLIMB on its Passing Shot Position may fire again with its Rear Machine Gun. This will be treated as simultaneous fire as the B-26 Gunners’ Passing Shots. Roll on CT-5a, Rear MG (by Vertical Dive) to hit the B-26, and if hit roll on CT-5b, Hits on Bomber, Rear MG (by Vertical Dive). (See 7.38.21.)

Insert after Step IV.21:

c. Move into the next Zone for a New Turn and go to IV.a. If next Zone Is the Target Zone, go to V. Target Zone.

V.f reads now:

f. New Turn: Turn plane around facing Zone 0. IV.a then V.c, IV.b and IV.c.

Step I.d: Weather at Take-Off should be in Italics.

2-page sheet for the Core Game on card board? See below…