Rules Questions

1. Rule 6.1 states that in the Target Zone the Tail Group has in increased chance of encountering enemy fighters, but there is no modifier for Tail Group listed on MT-2.

A: That must be corrected. When I changed MT-2 from tail group to lead group I did not think about changing it in the rules also. MT-2 and MP-7 are correct. 6.1 should be Lead Group.

2. If required to spend an extra turn in the target Zone due to MT-1e DR6, I assume the first turn is treated as a ‘normal zone’ – no roll for Flak, IP or Bomb Run.

A: Yes, that is correct. I will put that on MT-1e.

3. TZ-2 Accuracy: Modifiers for ‘Box/Flight Evasive Action after Bomb Run’ and ‘If Out of formation’ state “-1 &Radar Flak is Inaccurate.” I assume the -1 applies to the accuracy roll for non-radar equipped Flak and the Inaccurate automatically applies to radar equipped Flak.

A: That is correct. I will change it to read “No Radar: -1; Flak Radar: Inaccurate.”