B-25C-5 Miss Sadie

Mission No/this bomber: 3/3

Campaign: Tunisia, 28 Nov – 14 Dec 42

Date: 2 Dec 1942

Primary Target: Airfield at El Aouina, Tunisia

Secondary Target:

Mission Profile: 1,500 Ft 3 Flight Diamond Formation, #4 ship, 2nd Flight

Results: Weather Abort in Zone 2

EA engaged: None

Formation Losses: None

Crew Mssns EA

Pilot: 2LT Charles ‘Chuck’ Renquist (2) (0)

Co-Pilot: 2LT Randal ‘Randy’ Malm (2) (0)

Bomb/Nav: 2LT Thomas ‘Sandy’ Hanson (2) (0)

Engineer: Sgt Clarence ‘Clancy’ Evers (0) (0)

Radio Operator: Cpl Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Wagstrom (2) (0)

Claims: None

Awards: None

Damage: None


Some mornings it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. This was one of those mornings.

Our new engineer, Sgt Clancy Evers, joined us as we piled into the jeep and headed out to where Miss Sadie was waiting. TSgt Sollon had her preflighted and we were soon sitting in the queue on the rain dampened tarmac. That’s when things started going south.

The # 2 engine started to cough and sputter like it was going to quit. It didn’t (rolled a mechanical failure on Take-Off but ignored to continue the playtest). But the Wright radial settled down before it was make or brake time and we were soon in the air. That was strike one.

Airborne, we moved into the #4 positon in the second flight when Sgt Evers reported an unexplained vapor trail. Turns out we had a leak in the hydraulic system; strike two.

We managed to link up with our escort (Zone 1) and headed out over the Med (Zone 2) when Sandy (2LT Hanson) reported that he thought we were in the wrong position. Be that as it may, I knew that the Major wasn’t going to listen to me so we followed along. Then the sky started to turn really black and it became even harder to hold formation as the weather worsened. 1LT Jones, the Major’s navigator, finally got his bearings, but by this time the Major decided to call off the mission and we turned for home. Strike three!

As we got back over Algeria (Zone 1) we hit an isolated patch of clear sky and then it was back into the weather and a wet landing at Maison Blanche. Depsite the storm over the airfield the landing went well.

Sometimes you just can’t win for losing!

Charles Renquist, 2LT, commanding

B-25C, Miss Sadie

223rd Squadron, 310th Bomb Group (M)