The B-25J will soon take off…

B-25 J
The final B-25 model was the J. It had a co-pilot and a green house nose with a bombardier. It had four package guns on the side of the fuselage a flexible .50 in the nose and one fixed .50, two fixed on later Js, the same tail green house as the H-model and also the same type of waist gun positions. The top turret was in front of the bomb bay. Later Js could carry rockets under the wings. They entered combat in April 1944 in the MTO and began to appear in the PTO during the summer and fall of that same year. There was also a strafer nose with eight .50 machine guns.

B-25J in B-26: The Marauder Strikes! In B-26: The Marauder Strikes! the B-25J will be represented by B-25J and B-25J-20. The B-25J reflects the earlier versions of the J-model and the J-20 later versions. It will have bomb wing racks and rocket capability and two fixed and one flexible nose gun. All B-25Js also have two package guns on each side of the fuselage, waist guns, tail guns with the gunner in a green house and the top turret between the cock-pit and bomb bay. The 8-gun strafer nose will be included in the Low-Level Missions expansion.